Vietnamese Food to Try in Da Nang

Vietnamese Food to Try in Da Nang

The list of phenomenal Vietnamese foods to try in Da Nang is epically long. Here in this post we’ll touch upon a few highlights:

Mỳ Quảng for breakfast or lunch: Available just about everywhere, but HERE is a well-rated location on the city-side of Da Nang.


Bánh Cuốn for breakfast: Available here and there. HERE is a popular city-side location, which is also a 2-minute walk to Bạch Đằng street where you can stroll the riverwalk and a 5 minute walk to the Han Market.

Bún Chả Cá for breakfast or lunch: Many small family restaurants make it, but HERE is a well-rated location on the city-side which is also close to Bạch Đằng street and the Han Market. And HERE is Robin’s favorite spot near the Chợ Bắc Mỹ An market (not labeled on Google maps).

Bánh Xèo and Nem Lụi for lunch or dinner: Available at many locations. Here is a very popular one: Banh Xeo Tom Nhay located HERE  (a 12 minute walk from the Cham Sculpture Museum).  Here’s a video that illustrates how to eat these Vietnamese specialties.


Our favorite restaurant for Vietnamese food in Da Nang is An’s vegetarian restaurant where you can try dozens of classic Vietnamese dishes in the chef’s vegetarian renditions. 99% of the time we prefer An’s version to the original. The food is that good!

If you’re familiar with Da Nang, what are some of your favorite local foods? Let us know!



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