If you’ll be spending time in Da Nang during your visit to Vietnam, lucky you! There is so much to do and see in and around the city. Here are some of the experiences we’ve enjoyed:

Custom TailoringBring digital photos of ideas for new pieces and/or bring favorite pieces from home that you want to have copied. Plan to visit a tailor early in your trip and budget for 2 more visits over 2-4 more days for a fitting and final adjustments. We use a fantastic tailor in Da Nang who speaks very good English. If you request in advance, his wife may be available to help you to shop for fabric at the store down the block. His name is Mr. Loi and their business is “Tre Tailor,” located HERE.

Hoi An Ancient Town: So much has been written in guidebooks and major travel websites  about this UNESCO World Heritage site and ridiculously charming area that we’re going to assume this is already high on your list!

Hai Van Pass: Some of the most beautiful ocean and mountain views in the world can be found on this overpass mountain road connecting Da Nang and Lang Co. Made famous by the British television series Top Gear (now on Amazon as The Grand Tour) through their 2-part Vietnam special which aired in 2008.

Lady Buddha: Visit the striking 220′ statue and beautifully landscaped grounds that surround her.

Son Tra Peninsula: Stunning views, home to the Lady Buddha, a tropical rain forest, rare monkeys, and butterflies.

Swim and sunbathe or go parasailing at My Khe Beach.

Snorkel or SCUBA dive around the Cham Islands.

Take a Da Nang Food Tour! We highly recommend the company Da Nang Food Tour run by American expat Shaun Stevens and his Vietnamese business partner Anh. They offer morning and evening tours which are completely customizable to your liking. Always a great experience!

Cool off and explore amazing natural caves and the Chinese inspired pagodas build into the Marble Mountains.

Sign up for an excursion with one of the area’s many adventure tour companies (check TripAdvisor for the current roster) to visit and swim in waterfalls, hike or be driven by motorbike to stunning vistas, and explore the untouched nature in the region.

Blush Beach: Beachfront destination with a swimming pool, bed-sized padded cabanas, restaurant, bar, and entertainment. Beverages and food are priced on the high end but are balanced by no admission fee, complimentary towels, and high quality facilities. Beautiful, relaxing, and fun!

Asia Park: If you like amusement parks, this one is terrific! Well thought out themes for different sections of the park and fun rides including the Sun Wheel, which is one of the world’s largest Ferris Wheels. Not yet overly touristed, there are rarely lines for any of the activities!

Ba Na Hills: A surreal mountaintop adventureland. Spendy by Vietnam-standards, and a little Disney World-ish. Some enjoy it, some prefer a less commercial experience. We haven’t yet been, but this is the location of the newly-opened, “Hands Bridge” that whose photos went viral on social media in 2018. Their website will tell you all you need to know.

Markets! Local markets offer a unique perspective into Vietnamese culture and are extremely different than those found in the West. While the Con Market and Han Market are the largest and most well known in Da Nang, seek out the smaller neighborhood markets for the most authentic experience. We live next door to and absolutely love the Chợ Bắc Mỹ An.


  • Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture (in Vietnamese: Bảo tàng Điêu khắc Chăm Đà Nẵng). Learn about the Ancient Cham culture while exploring their striking works of sculptural and decorative stone art. Located here. Open Daily 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. | 40,000 VND admission.
  • Ho Chi Minh and the Fifth Military Zone Museum: An outdoor museum where you can get up close with American, French, and Vietnamese military vehicles and aircraft. Grounds are beautifully landscaped and feature a pond and fruit trees.
  • Da Nang Museum: A larger museum in the city-center of Da Nang, this collection offers an anthropological history of the region.
  • Da Nang Fine Arts Museum (in Vietnamese: Bảo tàng Mỹ thuật Đà Nẵng). Located here. Features contemporary paintings and sculpture along with ceramics and folk art by Vietnamese artists. A beautifully curated collection that’s a must-visit for art lovers. Open Daily 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. |  20,000 VND admission.

If you can spare an additional 1-2 days: Check out the imperial city and tombs of Hue, which is a few hours north of Da Nang.

If you can spare an additional 3+ days, start or end your trip in the culturally-rich and culinarily fabulous (albeit chaotic) capital city of Hanoi which is about a 1-hour domestic flight north of Da Nang.

You can read more about Da Nang Vietnam in our blog post HERE.


  1. Thanks for all this info! I’m going to be in Da Nang for a couple months and now I know what to do on my weekends. Some of the attractions you mentioned seem to be under the radar on other travel sites, so I’m glad you’ve given the inside scoop!

  2. Hi guys
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading through your site and got a lot of ideas for an upcoming trip to Da Nang.
    A question for you though – I’m visiting Da Nany University of Economics in Ngũ Hành Sơn and looking to book a B&B, but the area the university is in seems quite quiet. Any suggestions of what is a good neighbourhood to stay in, not too touristy (so probably avoiding the beach)?

    1. Hello Z,

      We’re so glad that our posts have been helpful for your upcoming visit to Da Nang! The areas immediately north, east, and south of the Da Nang University of Economics are all lovely areas to stay in if you are interested in staying in an authentic/non-touristy area but still want to have many restaurants and cafes within walking distance. Check out the “My An” neighborhood and the “Son Tra” neighborhood. If you definitely want to avoid the highest density tourist area, then give yourself at least a kilometers distance from the “An Thuong” area. While all of these neighborhoods which we’ve mentioned are within walking distance of the University, given the hot weather and inconsistent availability of sidewalks, we recommend using GRAB taxi or GRAB motorbike services to get around the city and beach area during your visit. Feel free to reach out with additional questions!

    1. The cost for tailoring with Mr. Loi of Tre Tailor in Da Nang is typically about 200,000 VND per long sleeved dress shirt. Fabric prices will vary according to your choice of quality and fabric, but expect to pay about 130,000 to 150,000 per meter. You will need 1.5 meters of fabric for a standard long sleeved dress shirt. As a result, we usually spend the equivalent of about $16-$20 USD per shirt for fabric + tailoring in Da Nang. In Hoi An, prices for fabric and tailoring will be much higher. Expect $30-$45 per shirt (as of this writing in December, 2018).

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