Our friend Bryna Scott encouraged us to take a market tour and cooking class early into our time in Vietnam to familiarize ourselves with the local produce and to learn to cook with these new ingredients.  While in Hoi An, we did just that through a day-long venture with “My Grandma’s Home Cooking” and we’re so glad we did!

Our day began with a bicycle ride to Hoi An’s Central Market where our guide introduced us to a variety of new fruits and vegetables, including mangosteen, bitter melon, rambutan, and freshly picked durian.

We were then taken by boat to a small island 30 minute off the coast of Hoi An to Grandma’s House where we tried our hand at traditional rice flour grinding and making rice paper.  In a covered outdoor area, we cooked three traditional Vietnamese dishes from scratch: grilled, marinated pork with a special sauce; green papaya salad; and banh xeo.

You can view a montage of videos and photos from the day below!


And watch us perform manual rice labor here:

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