Hanoi | Days 3-4 | June 6-7, 2016

Hanoi | Days 3-4 | June 6-7, 2016

During our last two initial days in Hanoi (we say initial because we will return in July), we explored the plethora of the Đồng Xuân Market (everything from shoes to live eels, electronics, baby formula, and beyond…and all in staggering quantities!), drank decadent coffees on the 2nd floor balcony of Cafe Phương Linh, ate awesome sandwiches at Bahn Mi 25, and, to escape the stupefying heat, enjoyed a spin ’round the well-air conditioned Vietnam Fine Arts Museum. On our YouTube channel plus pasted below are are three videos from our traipsing.  Cheers!







5 thoughts on “Hanoi | Days 3-4 | June 6-7, 2016

  1. This is so much fun! And I’m just amazed at how beautiful the site is. Photos, links, videos. What an archive you’ll have. Continued safe travels and big adventures! Xo,

    1. Thank you Kelly! I’m honored and psyched that you are following along. You are my idol in so many ways. xoxo – Robin

  2. How cute are the two of you? You must both be super hyped with all the coffee you’re drinking – looks yummy!

    Would it be proper for me to ask about Mark’s arm glove/sleeves. Did you get those there, Mark? A Hanoi fashion statement, perhaps.

    Keep loving life!

    P. S. Eat an eel for me.

  3. Great meeting you. I have a couple of travel blogs that are my default tabs on the browser. Yours will be added when I get home. Looking forward to your adventures. Another friend is doing the English teaching and travel. She did a couple of years in Vietnam and is now in Equador.

    1. Greetings Mike! We were likewise so pleased to meet you in Hanoi this week. What an exciting chapter of life you are living right now! You have our best wishes for a wonderful time with your new bride in Cambodia and across your lives together to come. Thanks for following along as we post more about our time living overseas. We’re definitely interested in checking out your once-a-day photo project. Send along when time allows! And we’ve spoken of someday exploring opportunities to live abroad in South America. We would welcome an introduction to your friend who transitioned from Vietnam to Ecuador if you have time when you’ve returned from your honeymoon–many thanks!

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